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Sending a resume and cover letter

Compose a formal email with the subject line ‘Application for [Job Title/Position] – [Your Full Name]’. Address the email to [Recipient’s Name/Job Title, e.g., ‘Hiring Manager’] at [Company/Organization Name]. Begin the body with an introduction: ‘My name is [Your Full Name], and I currently serve as [Your Current Role/Title]. With my extensive experience in [Specific Area of Experience, e.g., ‘digital marketing’ or ‘project management’], I’ve gained valuable skills such as [1-2 Key Skills, e.g., ‘data analysis’ and ‘team leadership’]. These competencies make me an appealing candidate for the [Job Title/Position] role.’ Express genuine interest in the position and convey admiration for [specific aspect of the company]. Clearly state that the resume and cover letter are attached. Indicate availability for interviews and provide the contact phone number, [Your Phone Number]. If there’s a referral, mention ‘I was introduced to this opportunity by [Referrer’s Name] from [Their Department/Role].’ Conclude with a professional sign-off.

Tone: Formal and Professional


Following up after a job interview

Compose a formal, appreciative, and enthusiastic email for following up after a recent interview for the position of [Job Title/Position] at [Company/Organization Name]. Start with the subject line ‘Follow-up on [Job Title] Interview – [Your Full Name]’. In the body, express gratitude for the interview opportunity and mention a specific topic or discussion from the interview that stood out, such as [Specific Discussion Point]. Reiterate my keen interest in the role and highlight how my [Relevant Skill or Experience] aligns with the company’s needs and the discussions during the interview. Politely inquire about the next steps in the hiring process and express eagerness for any feedback. Provide my primary contact information, including [Your Phone Number] and [Your Email Address]. If applicable, subtly remind them of my referral by [Referrer’s Name]. Conclude with a professional sign-off.

Tone: Formal, Appreciative, and Enthusiastic

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